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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions about e-smoking.


- Battery will not charge?

Try another adapter and another charging cable, if possible another battery. If it charges with the replacement parts we replace the defective part.

- The Atomizer / Clearomizer functioning / you have to suck too hard / not producing smoke?

90% of all of these defects are due to (accidentally) overfilling the tank / clearomizer. The result is that there is oil in the evaporator chamber and blocks the air supply opening. This problem does not go away the next time you fill the tank. Also, it causes leakage and leakage of liquid to the nozzle! If you hear a gurgling sound when sucking on the mouthpiece, this is the case.


Remove the clearomizer/tank and blow through the clearomizer while pressing the button on the battery so it heats. This way you clean the atomizer. Attention!: oil comes running out between the battery and the atomizer / clearomizer.

It is advisable to have a piece of paper towel or toilet paper on hand to catch it. It is important to stop if no more smoke comes out, because otherwise the clearomizer will burn and will have to be replaced.

- Fluid through the nozzle?

This is the result of over filling, it can be solved by blowing through the atomizer as described above.

- My e-cigarette leaks?

This can have the following causes:
- The result of over filling (as described above).
- Also may prevent and the atomizer is not inserted in the device in the correct way.
- The tank is worn by the regular removal of the tank, because it is loose or the filling hole is too big.


- and the atomizer / clearomizer by blowing as described previously.
- Turn the device on the correct way together. (first the atomizer in and the body / cover places then attach the battery and finally the tank good push to you a quarter turn.)
- The filling hole of various models can be removed and replaced by a soft acrylic specimen. This is in and the box with the device if supplied nozzle protectors.

- I can not fill the tank because the hole is closed?

The manufacturer does not supply the tanks in principle with a filling opening.


- The tank in the correct way assembled device places and good push and just half a turn. The filling hole has exactly the right size to fit on and the atomizer without leaking!

E-Smoking (brand):

- Battery will not charge anymore?

Blow the terminal of the battery light flashes 2 times. The battery is now reset. (Pag. 52 of the instructions)
Make sure the other battery or charger to the charger, then it is at least not to the charger! Batteries can be recharged about 500 times before they need to be replaced.

- The battery discharges too quickly?

The battery is a 90 mAh battery and will last about 80 puffs.
Reset the battery. (Pag. 52 of the instructions)

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